The right ways to get a #massage…

10. Mornings and Evenings are the best time to get a massage.

09. #Ayurveda has advised daily oleation of body and hair.

08. One should have a bath before a massage.

07. Then steam or sauna followed by a massage. 

06. The excess oil on the body after a massage should be wiped out and wear clothes which covers the whole body.

05. Avoid getting in a windy climate or near an air-conditioner after the massage. 

04. Rest for 2-3 hours after a therapy/massage.

03. Have green tea or warm water to flush the toxins out of the body.

02. A light warm meal can be taken after an hour of therapy.

01. Lie down and try to feel the changes/ relaxation in the body and mind.

When one has a therapy in the above process, he or she will receive the optimum benefits for health. And “It’s ADDICTIVE”!!!